Fideicomiso / Trust

The dream of owning a property in Mexico……

How it Works.

Whit the assistance of any bank, property may be held in trust for you in Mexico´s Restricted Zone- anywhere within 50 kilometers of the coast or 100 kilometers of the border. Setting up a trust in the only way foreign individuals can legally purchase property in the restricted Zone.
The property owner transfer title to a trust set by the bank at your request Bank acts as trustee, holding the property for your benefit Currently the trust can be created for up to 50 years, whit subsequent renewals at your option. As the trust beneficiary, you can use and enjoy the property as you wish, just as thought you owned the property directly. For example, you can rent the property or transfer it to a third part, or even sell it.

For more information about purchasing coastal or border property in Mexico, come into any bank office and ask a costumer service representative to put you in touch whit one of our trust professionals in Mexico.

Requirements for a trust Permit.

-Registered deed.
–Current paid property tax bill.
–Seller´s ID (Copy of passports) and FM3.
-Seller´s fil out general information sheet : (Name, Date of birth, Place of birth (city and state), Occupation, Marital status, Address, E-mail, Substitute Beneficiary/Beneficiaries , Address and telephone).